Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012, everyone...

So the proverbial clock strikes twelve. Two thousand and twelve, that is.
I have lived to see my thirty ninth new year in what has been a rather colorful lifetime so far. Perfect timing for an upcoming mid-life crisis.

This new year's eve seems a bit mixed up for me. Many things to be happy about this past year, but many things are left hanging, and some matters are being pressed into directions i don't want, and will never be ready for. Oh, and i missed my first Maverick Christmas Party.

2011 marks another year of resistance to forces attempting to put changes in my life. It also marks the first year Margaret goes to school, where i found myself staring forlornly at the back of her head as she walked away from me and into her classroom for the first time. The wheels of her growing up have officially begun turning, and they'll gain more momentum as she goes on through what i hope will be a good life that i could somehow provide her. For a moment, i am filled with much dread, but the undercurrent is still joy.

The wife and i have begun designing our new home with the help of a friend. The new place that will be our home for the remainder of our lives, perhaps. But more on that this coming year.

The Maverick manpower expanded by a whopping ten percent, which brings the additional manpower to an impressive total of... two people. Yeah, the percentage sounded nice for a while there, huh? But in a house of 20 heads at last count, hitting 22 is still a bit of a stretch. After all, the biggest headcount we ever hit was 23. Here's to hoping we don't implode again like we did the last time.

The searing rekindled flames between me and the wifey have settled into a nice, comfy and steady burn. Fates willing, we'll burn softly all through to the remaining decades together. With the added bonus of the occasional "group hug" that Marge now orders us to do. That started this past 2011, too.

So has it been a good year? Yeah... Group hug, please.

'catch you later.