Monday, April 10, 2017

Letters to Maddie: Chapter 49 (Keep Singing Your Heart Out)

Hello, Maddie!

Been quite a while i have not visited. I've explained why in a previous post.
But anyways, this is amusing.

Hi, Marge! Of course you can read this, too. :)
But yes, i am directing this one more pointedly towards your sister.

tight shot from aforementioned
beach house
Because one morning on the way to your grandmother's beach house, Maddie just kept singing one or two songs over and over. Songs were by either Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. I'm not sure.
So, Maddie...
i was spying you through the rearview mirror, and caught you singing along, while alternately looking out the window and on the iPod. You had no care whatsoever whether or not we were listening, whether you were in tune (mostly yes), whether you got the words right (mostly no)... You were just having a little time of your life and loving music.
It was an absolute joy to witness.

DJ Maddie
And i wish that you remain so for the rest of your life: uncaring for criticism, and simply living the moment.
Oftentimes, as people get older, they worry too much about what other people think and say. And many who do end up paralyzed with fear of shame and public opinion. I hope you never do.

So yes, keep singing.

'catch you both later.