Thursday, March 01, 2007

i want to pay my taxes...

I want to pay my taxes,

...because I want to be a responsible citizen.
...because I want to help subsidize housing projects for the poor, who sleep on the streets.
...because I believe there are honest and hard-working government people who are underpaid.
...because I know that the government needs to fund public hospitals
...because there are public schools out there that need books, chairs, tables and sometimes even roofs.
...because this country is poor and everybody should chip in.
...because as a business owner i am obligated to.
...because I don't really have a choice.
...because it is something that has been done since time immemorial.

i don't want to pay my taxes:
...because the government people are not responsible with our country's money. tax money is being used to subsidize the mansions of corrupt government officials, who usually have more than one house, more than one woman, which ergo requires more than one house, and so on...
...because the number of corrupt government people who misuse the money far outnumber the good apples who work in the government for a pittance.
...because I see very few public hospitals that actually look like they can treat patients and are being properly funded.
...because our government officials send their children to the best and most expensive schools, sometimes even abroad, talk a lot of about the public education programs that never happen, and they are probably using our tax money.
...because this country is poor, while our government people get richer by the day. what's wrong with this picture?!?
...because less than half of what i pay the Bureau of Internal Revenue actually gets into the government's coffers. the rest probably went to the two-toned Rolex the tax officials were wearing when i met them.
...because I am a dreamer, but do not have a choice anyways.
...because of so many reasons, i may have to make a new post.

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