Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to Hell...

It’s official. Hell just got itself an additional 7,100 islands… and I don’t give a shit whether that’s high or low tide…

In an age of the most selfish, most inefficient, most inconsiderate presidency in the history of the Philippines EVER, the powers that be have opened discussions on a possible minimum wage hike.

As a small business owner and operator, the proposed “slight” bump from the current P362/day minimum wage to the “slightly” higher P442/day will be like having the company swallow a mothball a day. Tastes bitter, probably won’t kill you right now, but it slowly devours you from the inside until you’re frothing in the mouth like a rabid dog.

What’s funny is that with all the exemptions in place to supposedly protect smaller companies, e.g. minimum wage laws don’t cover: companies with less than ten employees, companies that are not declaring profits or something… and with the supposed increase in entrepreneurship among the Filipino citizenry, the wage hike will not be felt by the greater majority. Mostly pointless. Like every other law lately, the continuing wage hikes will only do more harm in the hopes of appeasing President GMA’s ever growingly unhappy public on the surface.

One fucking mothball every fucking day.

People say that it would be best to wait until the right time and the right circumstance to change the presidency. That would be 2010. Okay, let’s kick off our shoes and put our collective feet up, and see what’s left of the country by then. Never mind the mind-numbing sums of money the government siphons out through corrupted practices, let’s see how sick our country and our countrymen will be perceived in the eyes of the world in another 2.5 years’ time.

Considering what a well-educated economist our incumbent is, it may be safe to assume that her foreign-trained economic management skills are being put to use for her own ends.

Now THAT’s talent…

So, is it just me, or is it getting even damn hotter in here…?

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