Saturday, September 05, 2009

To reintroduce a classic Pinoy talent to the culturally stupid... Jun Polistico... Mr. Golden Voice

As a young, budding music lover, I was told by our nanny that back in the day, that every entertainer in the country had to have a tag that identified them with a foreign act.

For example:

VST & Co. = the Bee Gees /Earth Wind & Fire of the Philippines; the Boyfriends = also the Bee Gees; Jose Mari Chan = the Cliff Richard of the Philippines; (my favorite) Claire dela Fuente = the Karen Carpenter of the Philippines... the list goes on... Jun Polistico's supposed bit was that he was the Frank Sinatra /Johnny Mathis of the Philippines.

At that time, I didn't give a crap.

Then came 1992, and a remake of Sharon Cuneta's classic suicide anthem "Sana'y Walang Na'ng Wakas" was delivered on the airwaves by a male voice whose phrasing had a tinge of... Johnny Mathis... and totally owned the song.

After several years of typing his name on limewire and coming up with absolutely nothing, I have relented and have bought a compilation CD that Viva Records has just made available containing Jun Polistico's (a.k.a. Mr Golden Voice's) badass version of this Willy Cruz-penned wrist-slasher.

Ripped copy above with lousy compressed audio for anyone to enjoy.

'catch you later...

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