Friday, November 27, 2009

Let me live each day with you,
___________as though it were our last.
Bleeding from the pain
___________and lies of days that passed.

But bleeding with hope as well.
Hope against the tide,
___________that ebbs, that flows, that crashes
________through every dream that lives inside.

But let me love you one more day,
__________And yet one more after this.
And every day i live, i’ll live to beg,
For one more touch,

____________for one more kiss.

And where forever has never been
__________further away from here as now,
See me, hear me...

_______as over and over i repeat this vow...

I would plead, i would bleed
___________and I would give to you,
Everything that’s left of me,
___________all my life, and all i knew...

To wait and wake on that
_____one misty morning a forever away,
To live through what we had
Even for one more final day.


image by xymonau (Dez Pain)

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