Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pictures from the Other Side of the Valley

A long time ago, i have surrendered to the fact that i do not have the discipline to become a great photographer. My talent is marginal at best, and while i've taken a handful of decent ones in my time, i leave the real shooting to the pros.

But... i discovered a new route recently, after being assigned to cover in the other branch at the valley. And the scene seems so serene and the land seems so young... so i grab my underused camera, and take a few stops to snap the shots below (screened from a few more others)...

Pointless, hardly art, but what the hell...

Many scenes like this, where the clouds literally
touch the mountaintops.

green lushness like this doesn't last in the 21st century
this is a purpulous flowerus
same as the above.
i like purple. 'got a problem with that?
redus mountainside-us flowerus
(translation: it's a red flower growing on
the side of the goddamn mountain.)

the view before the descent into the valley...
the old volkswagen shop. used to be filled with... err... volkswagens.
converted to grayscale for "nostalgic" effect.
okay... so it isn't George Tapan... But hey... the shots weren't perfect, but the places were pretty, huh?

'catch you later.

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