Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Northern Food Trip (Part 2)

We went around to the Nepo complex. The complex used to serve as Angeles City’s retail repository of PX cast-outs from Clark Air Base and its many GI’s. Considered one of the better polished food places of the area was “Perfect Loaf,” a bakery and café, which was a favorite of the wife back when she maintained a little boutique at Nepo Mart 1. We dropped in and were pleased to find that while Nepo Mall helped cause the nigh-absolute crumble of Nepo Mart 1 and 2 save for a few shops still valiantly open around the perimeter, Perfect Loaf remained lively, and the food was still good.

We wanted to cap off the evening with sisig at Victor’s along the northbound side of MacArthur Highway just a bit past the Dau terminal district. But before that, we had to get our tires checked since they seemed to be on the under-inflated side. Lo and behold, we went through a total of five (count ‘em FIVE) major gas stations only to find that their air hoses and gauges either didn’t work or wasn’t available, or the compressor was off until morning, or there was simply no facility.

We found out that unscrupulous creatures actually stole the hose heads off the air pumps to sell the metal as scrap. What have we become…?

This caused a lot of stress for my wife, who was horrified at the thought of hitting the expressway with under-inflated tires (of course!), and on top of it all, she was almost embarrassed at the state of things in a city she grew up in.

And to add insult to injury, Victor’s BBQ (as the sign has always said) didn’t look the same. The plump lady who chopped stuff up to put your sisig together, wasn’t there, and it looked liked there was only one staff person present, with only one table having a couple of customers. And they didn’t look too friendly either. So we turned back and waited until we reached North Park in Banawe Avenue (QC) to grab dinner.

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