Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cheers, Bogs...

Over a couple of weeks ago, a very old friend of mine finally tied the knot. Actually, the knot seems to have been tied for quite some time now, they just made the whole thing sort of documented, since it was practically a done deal for a long time.

As our group’s resident blabbermouth, I was asked by Bogs, the groom-to-be-but-been-tied-for-too-long-anyway, to make the toast on behalf of our ragtag gang of misfits. I gave him a “maybe-maybe-not” sort of answer since my schedule was really screwed up. But in my head, I already wrote the pre-toast speech.

To make a long story drag a little less than it already has, I made it to the church ceremonies, but had to bail from the reception and hit the road to perform other responsibilities six hours away. Ergo, I missed giving the toast at the wedding of Irwin “Bogs” Cusing and his then bride-to-be Miss Lorie Cheng.

Bogs and Lorie, my apologies for missing the reception and not having had the honor of making the toast. But here it is anyways:

“Many people get married year after year, and many not for the right reasons. But when two people, like Bogs and Lorie, who have been together for as long as they have, choose to face the Almighty and declare to the world the love we already see, feel and ultimately know, then it has to be something special.

“Tonight, you two people aren’t telling us something we don’t already know, but tonight is still truly a special night… Cheers!”

It’s short and safe… and I’m saving the church jokes I made with Dick, Harry, Jep and Doms to myself.

Cheers, bro!

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