Friday, January 23, 2009

The P2,000 Lesson on Patience

I don’t think I’ll be heading back to Fully Booked anytime soon. See, I lost over two thousand bucks there.

Of course it isn’t really their fault. After all, Fully Booked dresses up their stores to look really nice and enticing. And that humongous wall of graphic novels in their Promenade branch has invisible letters that spell: GEEK HEAVEN. So yes, I was fucking hooked.

But unfortunately for impulsive old me, I spotted the “Absolute Sandman” series of big-ass hardbound books, and immediately got the entire set for a grand total of almost P17,000.

I had a set of “Absolute Sandman.” I was so the man!

But just last weekend, I spotted the same series at Powerbooks for only P4,175 each. I pretty much shit in my pants. Then I got pissed a wee bit more, when I remembered that Globe Platinum card holders, like yours truly were enjoying a 10% discount at Powerbooks. Which meant that the entire set would’ve cost me only below P15,000.

Lesson Number One: CANVASS FIRST! Do not impulse buy for unnecessities like graphic novels.
Lesson Number Two: Fully Booked is nice, cozy and “geek-complete,” but damn it’s fucking pricey there!
Lesson Number Three: Never underestimate Powerbooks!

‘Nuff said. Catch you later…

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