Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Da World Bank Lies!!!!"

Got you with that title, huh?

But that’s probably the first thing Mr. Arroyo blurted out upon finding out that the World Bank has officially implicated him in kickback anomalies on public works projects. (Yawn… what’s new…?) But okay, so it seems that the big (and I mean really BIG) boys have finally decided to speak up. Yup, no less than the World Bank has implicated First (Un)Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

So an organization that Little Gloria can’t control, influence, cajole, or promise new government positions to, has finally released statements pointing to one of the most despicable individuals living in these over 7,000 islands, along with a few other cronies.

But I suppose the real question here is: What on earth can they do to Mr. FG? (“F” for “Fucking” and “G” for “Glutton,” or “Fiendish Gorilla,” or simply “Fat Guy”)

Considering how Philippine government officials have made covering up for one another an art form, I’m not expecting anything. Some might say that this whole affair is shameful for the country. But hey, considering the Philippine government’s track record? Who fucking cares?

Plus, it seems that anyone with the surname Arroyo and works in the government does not know the meaning of the word “shame.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if upon finding out about the World Bank report, Mr. Fat Guy just took another sip of margarita and proceeded to his next hole in a game of golf. “Poor Gloria,” you might say? Riiiiiiiight… Gloria’s so fucking good at hiding her dirt under her so many rugs that she’s probably Persian.

But I’ll stop right here. Because this blog entry is just going in circles. Just like any investigation on any government official in this poor beleaguered country.

Catch you later…

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