Friday, February 20, 2009

Candid Cop Camera...

Hey, did you hear about the cops that got caught on TV? “SMILE!!! You’re on ‘Candid Camera!’”

“Oh, what’s that you guys are doing? Oh, you’re shooting a suspect! Coolers! Waitaminit… you’re shooting a ‘suspect?!?!!’ Why the fuck are you assholes shooting a ‘suspect?’ That means, we’re not even sure they’re really crooks… But hang in there... they've got to be crooks, right? Because you smelled them, and smelly beasts can sniff out their own kind.”

Hmm… Nonetheless, I am disturbed. Very disturbed.

Very disturbed in an “I-knew-it-anyways-but-still-bugs-me-whenever-it-happens” kind of way. I’m talking about the recent news about the cops running after and subsequently gunning down three car-napping suspects in Quezon City. The operative word here being “suspects.”

I feel bad for these guys. I feel bad that they had to be caught on camera. That means they have compromised the already sucky credibility level of the local police force even further. That means they have to be sacked so there will be lambs. Sacrificial lambs. Or in this case, goats. Sacrificial goats.

Poor cops. Really. I feel for them. Honestly. It’s probably not their fault that they get paid a measly salary for roaming the streets while instilling fear in evil-doers, or simply just instilling fear. Not their fault that they don’t even want to pay for jeepney or FX fares. Not their fault they won’t even pay for a stick of banana-Q. Not their fault that they’re tasked to eliminate people who were probably accomplices sometimes. It’s only work, dude. Nothing personal.

Not the cops’ fault that their salaries are so low, while the higher ups have siphoned off 30% of their bonuses last Christmas and are now probably finalizing the floor plans on their new homes with some seedy architects. Or probably booking their vacation tickets to another country. Like Russia. Or a European tour… oh, waitaminit… Gloria pays for stuff like that! Sorry…

Those who weren’t caught on camera probably run on back to their police-daddies, raise their hands in salute and say: “Mission accomplished, sir!” And they probably get a pat on the back and an old bottle of Fundador for their efficient efforts. “Efficient” meaning: they didn’t get caught, and the job was utterly clean.

As for the guys who got filmed, Grim-spector Angelo Nicloas (who got sacked, OH POOR YOU!!!), and SPO1 Frederick Torres and PO3 Randy Barrameda who both got reduced to becoming secretaries and are probably mastering several creative ways to make use of powdered coffee right now, YOU GUYS GOT OFF EASY!

But then again, you guys are cops. You WILL get off easy. It was part of the deal, right? Of course, you guys are always innocent until proven guilty, unlike the rest of the citizenry, who are judged and executed by you guys in seconds.

But I’m guessing you guys will watch out for the cameras next time. Please smile if there are. Tsk tsk…

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