Monday, March 09, 2009

Movie Review: Watchmen (Must-Watch-men)

In my quest to clear my mouth of the bad taste of over-expectation from “You Changed My Life,” I make myself a one-man date to catch the opening day of the ultimate geekfest “Watchmen” last Friday.

So I’m guessing this is going to be among the gazillions of reviews on this project that had herds of nerds, and piles over piles of geeks drooling over the trailers over the past several months. Hell, threw parties over just mere Hollywood buzz for the past twenty-something years… Yes, I admit it… I’m one of THEM…

So I’ll keep this one short. I promise.

I liked it. ‘Would’ve loved it considering its relative faithfulness to the ‘sacred” source material. Honestly preferred the more action-packed climax in the movie, where Nite-Owl didn’t look like the wimp he was made to be in the graphic novel. Characterizations were pretty dead-on, while costumes were redesigned to be more “realistic” but still capture the essence of the original four-color costumes.

I suppose the greatest tragedy about this movie is that it is based on a graphic novel that is considered almost biblical by geeky, acne-infested fanboys like me. Owned in several copies, read and reread until practically known by heart. Most likely the same bunch of losers lining up to see the movie. Thus, further coloring one’s already rosy opinion, and taking away any potential surprises. And where the best movies draw one’s breath away with shocks and keep the audience at the edges of their respective seats with anticipation of what will happen next, Watchmen was doomed to fail.

With all due respect to Director Zack Snyder, he did a damn good job. So did the cast. Overall, the film is one solid package. But somehow, the whole thing felt more like a fanboy’s religious homage and simple realization of a beloved story in another medium. Not the same experience I had with “Spiderman 2” or “the Dark Knight,” but still an indispensable addition to one’s original DVD library when the disc inevitably comes out.

For fanboys like me, see it because if you don’t, you lose all geek cred. For regular movie-lovers… I am honestly not sure. But I can assure you that it is a major visual experience.

Catch you later…

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