Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maja is Back in the Limelight... in the wrong way...

The wife and i caught the last two seconds of the promotional trailer for my imaginary ex Maja Salvador’s supposedly “steamy” new prime time soap “Nagsimula sa Puso.”

And this exchange followed:

“Jasper, syota mo, ‘daring’ na...”


“handa ka na pakulong...”

“21 na kaya yan... legal...”

“gago, ako magpapakulong sa yo...”

* * * * * * * * * *

So the irresponsible gods-that-be at ABS-CBN have made my Maja Salvador a loaf of stale bread in their overloaded, underutilized talent stable. And after a few very minor roles, “she-who-was-once-perfect-even-without-a-cleavage” is now hopping around town promoting her new show while baring... a cleavage.

So the “tweetums” thing supposedly hasn’t been working for my Maja, but that only means the idiots at ABS don’t know how to do their jobs right? Like better writers, better marketing strategies, a notch of restraint from overusing only selected artists from their overflowing pool... the whole skin thing is a short-cut that Ms. Golangco 2.0 Ms. Salvador does not deserve considering her massive talent and beauty. No other “massive-nesses” are required for her to get the proper level of attention from her adoring, worshipping fans. It’s you guys in ABS that never gave her an honest shot with solid roles.

The only thing you guys are good at is getting rising talent nurtured by GMA, and turning their careers into the dairy equivalent of 5-year old yoghurt...

And please don’t get me started on the implants “other enhancements” Her Former Maja-ness may have been forced to do to her once-perfect self... if this is Her Maja-ness growing up, then no wonder i’d rather remain a retard...

Hmm... i smell coffee... time to wake up... this fantasy’s no longer worth it...

‘catch you later...

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