Saturday, October 10, 2009

one day...

And one day, in that one darkest hour you’ve ever known,
When the world floats namelessly around you and alone,
A rabbit’s hole will come whispering to you in the shade,
“come in here, there is a home for you that we have made.”

You’d take a peek and wonder if perhaps at last,
This is the one last escape you need from the future and the past.
And through the walls, the echoes of the world linger on.
You would still hear the birds, but they’re ever gone...

And through the coldness you find yourself deep within,
You’d almost think that maybe this is after all one way to win.
For the tears have finally ended, and the screams so far away,
And the same voices whisper playfully all throughout the day...

But no, no... no, no, no... this is not the way it must be,
The sweet emptiness is comforting but must not consume me,
And while my arms flail against the velvet veil upon my eyes,
I would force the tears back out and howl to the skies.

I would chase the sun, and I would give up, only to keep trying,
And every fiber of me will no longer be weak, lost and dying.
Give me a speck of dust for each lonely brick I will build,
And give me rain to replant the trees on the meadow I’ve tilled.

And maybe that day will come soon, when all the doubt
That was ever felt will yield to the rain and be washed out.
Then life will be only be better with every lesson learned,
And we can run into the sun, knowing that forever has returned.


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