Wednesday, March 24, 2010

back in the free stock image game...

not too long ago, i was inspired by a fledgling little website called
"sxc" stood for "stockxchange," and it was a godsend for graphic designers like yours truly who had more than a few clients with rather limited budgets and couldn't afford paid stock photos, much less full-blown shoots.

said website inspired me to shoot shoot and shoot... and sort of get better... quickly accumulated over 200 photographs all available to those who needed them free of charge.

anyways... to cut a long story short... that site changed management, is now run by assholes, and has kicked me out for openly promoting another site composed of disgruntled former sxc members.

many of the best images on sxc are now here... check it out.

long live rgbstock...

'catch you later...

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