Friday, September 10, 2010

Movie Review: Despicable Me (The title was a dead give-away...)

Ran to the mall with the wife to catch the night’s screening of “Despicable Me” last Wednesday, after settling Marge at the house right after coming back down from the Boon Docks...

“Despicable Me,” stars the perfectly capable Steve Carrell as Dr Gru, a supervillain in need of a major caper, a shrink ray that’s made in China (most likely), and a bank loan from a place claiming to formerly be the Lehman Brothers. Dr. Gru, who employs one human inventor and a horde of yellow critters (referred to as “minions”) who look like Mike Wazowski’s dumber cousins, adopts orphans to help him pull a caper and end up getting his supervillain heart all gooey and totally melted by the adorable, one-dimensional 3D animated children.

And yes folks, save for a few obligatory kinks, that up there really is practically the entire plot...

We were amused, entertained, and humoured. But it didn’t break any new ground. And though it may have been done in 3D animation, i must say that i found Carrell much more animated back in “Date Night.”

And while i may not necessary see myself stumbling upon myself running to a cineplex to the sequel, i DO see myself buying a few of those cute yellow minions for me and Marge.

...and no, the wife will not want one. But yes, she did like the movie.

‘catch you later.

P.S. Am currently in Plantation Bay in Cebu. Here to attend the wedding of a friend in Marco Polo on Sunday. Body feels stiff and tired after Marge begged for repeated runs on one of the pool slides.
It's 2-fucking-AM and I'm sleepy, but cannot sleep.
There's a breakfast buffet that isn't included in the loser-ish deal the wife booked with the travel agency.
Not sure i'll be awake in time for it.
Am debating with myself whether or not to believe the book article that's brainwashing me to blow almost a couple of G's for a supposedly "addictive" massage tomorrow...

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