Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greek-isms... (012711)

this is a photo of an ass.
a real one. not just someone
who acts like one.
A whole three years before House (a.k.a. House M.D.) went on air and turned Hugh Laurie into a supernova-sized TV star across the pond, I started Maverick Advertising, let my ego fly and spewed out insults and punchlines that built friendships, lost friendships, lost accounts, and sometimes made me wonder if i was getting sued for sexual harassment.
Nine years, one lawsuit (NOT a harassment suit), and over four dozen insulted employees later, i just figured i should blog about it.  So here below are the most recent ones, and the ones i think are worth remembering.
Many others have been forgotten... *sigh*

* * * * * * * *
"You're quieter than the lambs, and THEY'RE awfully silent..."
- trying to cheer up my friend and co-worker, Mr. Balingit upon finding him in the conference room pensively working and totally wordless.

"Let me guess... You woke up this morning and couldn't decide which earrings to wear, so you chose to wear them all at once."
- coming in one morning a long time ago and finding Angela Duldulao, then one of Maverick's writers, wearing a VERY elaborate and complex-looking pair of earrings approximately 2 and a half inches tall, at least. And she was only about 2 inches short of 5 feet.

“C’mon, Art… wouldn’t you at least want to TRY and kick my ass, no matter how impossible it seems?” – giving Art Director Art Montojo a pep talk.

“Rose, stop being so defensive. We weren’t talking about you. Big surprise, the universe isn’t about YOU.
It’s about ME.” - to Senior Account Manager Rose Peñalosa during a typical round of office drama.

“That’s what I tell my wife on the fifth day of her period.”  - after someone remarked at a client briefing that security systems are like cars, and can get stuck up if not used for a long time.
* * * * * * * *
i do hope to keep these coming.
'catch you later.

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