Saturday, May 17, 2008

Money for Fries… (The P20 Wage Hike...)

The law has been passed and signed! Minimum wage here in the capital city of the Philippines (Metro Manila), now at P362 a day, will experience a glorious addition of… TWENTY FUCKING PESOS a day!!!


WOW… five more bucks a day, and we can go all Morgan Spurlock and throw in an extra order of regular McFries on the average Pinoy’s daily diet.

Let’s do some math here… (and to think, I HATE math…)

If one works for P30 days a month, one would get an additional P520 on his month-end total. Now let’s assume that that money will be used for food, and not for a little less than a case worth of Ginebra GSM Long. That would mean that the average household can afford an extra four kilos of chicken, or an additional twenty kilos of NFA rice. Now where would that Five Hundred something pesos be in the grand spending scheme that is Malacañang? Click on the link below for some rather amusing details…

If you clicked on the above link, then join me in a collective “whew!” If you didn’t click on it, then here’s the skinny:
“…Keeping house for Malacañang under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo cost taxpayers a cool P2.36 billion in 2006, according to reports of the Commission on Audit.The annual housekeeping tab for the Palace on average amounted to P196 million a month, or P6.5 million a day, or P273,148 every hour.”

Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa Claus, and he fucking loves Malacañang!

But let’s return ourselves to some semblance of perspective here… Naturally, we must keep our most important lawbreaker law-maker comfortable and healthy, while she mulls on greater plans to plunder what’s left of our country! Bwahahahahaha…! We must show visitors from other nations that we can treat them right and feed them millions of Pesos worth of food, while the citizens that Malacañang has sworn to serve and protect are starving to death or insanity.

We are RICH... RICH... RICH!!! This country is RICH...!

Now I might come across as inconsistent or even hypocritical since just a couple or so entries ago, I was bemoaning the pending wage increase, and now I seem to bemoan how little it is. But it's never that simple. I mean, do I like the fact that there will is pending wage hike? No. Is there anything a common citizen like me can do about it? Again, no. But do I think it will help improve things considering that the increase will be an amount that won't even buy a regular serving of McFries? Again, hell no...

Thing is, the regularly occuring wage hikes are like those candies lolled around in the mouth by someone with sewer breath. It may mask the stench for a while, but ultimately, the air from the body stinks, because the body is either dehydrated, or hungry, or both. And if one always keeps a glob of candy in one's mouth, then one's teeth will decay. This would of course, lead to even more bad breath.

In this case, the twenty bucks is a breath mint the size of a Smint, but with only a quarter (or less) of the taste. And in a second or two, the stench of the digestive acids of a hungry belly come creeping back up. And believe you me, the average Filipino is hungry, hungry, hungry... Given the amount spent by Malacañang on food every month, which clocks in at over P6 Million, that means that Malacañang can finish off in a single month, the wage increase meant for 300,000 people. That's THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE. And the government is complaining that it can't afford to keep on subsidizing NFA rice to keep it within supposedly arm's reach for the "common Pinoy."

But they can afford to spend P6 Million for food for a handful of people...

But let's not spoil the party...

We are RICH! RICH! And soon, with the bill approved, ALL WORKING FILIPINOS WILL BE TWENTY PESOS RICHER EVERY FUCKING DAY!!! To borrow a phrase from my business partner, Creative Director Carlo E. Rodriguez Balingit: “START PLANNING YOUR TRIPS TO EUROPE, PEOPLE!”

And no, I have not run out things to say about this matter, but I will save them for another entry. In the meantime, I have assembled the following for your entertainment and enlightenment…

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