Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unfortunate Events #8646 (hopefully not...)

Without my saying it, somebody put two and two together and guessed right at what my business was in Baguio City. Not MY business per se, but the family’s anyways...

This somebody was the reception clerk at the home service massage parlor that i patronize whenever i am up north. She proceeded to kindly ask me to give her overage unemployed hubby a chance at a job. And since she had the power to send potentially eunuch-making sadists into my home in the guise of masseuses, i gladly obliged to at least let our HR look past his age and give him a chance.

One day, he got fired.

A couple of days later, i got a text from the receptionist asking me to give her newly re-bumming hubby another shot at employment. Too bad, not within my jurisdiction. Possibly within my power, but we don’t like crossing lines here in the family.

So for a few moments, i was left wondering what kind of evil razor-blade-wielding eunuch-maker i might get if i called in for another therapist.

My regular masseuse, Mae, is apparently unavailable tonight at my preferred time. I am offered a stranger.

If this is my last post, then you will know what happened.

‘catch you later. (hopefully)

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