Thursday, June 03, 2010

Movie Review: Shrek Forever After (Green Means Going... Away Now)

Hey, i almost forgot i saw “Shrek 4”... published as “Shrek Forever After.”

That’s good in that it wasn’t bad enough for me remember it was crappy, like i did “Shrek 3.” But i suppose it wasn’t good enough for me to remember either.

So in my pointless quest to document the droll details of my pathetic existence, i offer up my review of “Shrek 4”...

The movie starts off with Shrek enjoying/enduring the joys/pains of his domestically developing life, finds himself fed up, makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin (who is the only new fairy tale-based character throughout the movie), then turns the a few minutes of the movie into “Groundhog Shrek,” then Rumple proceeds to wreak some regular supervillain havoc and subjects our cast of ogres and faerie creatures into an alternate reality. Naturally, Shrek saves the day and they live the usual “happily ever after.”

So “Shrek 4” doesn’t have the novelty of “Shrek 1,” the soap opera drama of “Shrek 2,” thankfully none of the forced superhero pastiche of “Shrek 3,” but what it had the most of compared to all the rest was heart. Where “Shrek” movies at its core is really the love story of Shrek and Fiona, “Shrek 4” really tugged at the right strings and reminded an old man like yours truly why the “Shrek” franchise is enduring as much as it has.  Antonio Banderas' "Puss in Boots" steals the show... again.

There. Now i have to schedule therapy to stop myself from overusing these lame “quotation marks.”

‘catch you later.

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