Friday, August 13, 2010

whoa, kiddo...

Someone managed to piss me off this past week.
A relatively minor pissing off, but a pissing off i was not expecting from someone who seemed to have a nice "good guy" aura about him.
But from lines like "eh, sabi yan ng president natin eh... heh heh... i guess gawin natin...," i knew his spine was about as sturdy as a breadstick... At least at that time, anyway. I don't know him much right now, but he seems like a hardworking guy who knows how to play his cards. except with me, i guess.
I mean, if our president has creative input on something i've done for the chapter, i would have preferred he tell me himself. But since you're the project chairman, i can somehow appreciate that ole' prez will delegate the menial task of relaying menial revisions to the menial member doing the menial fucking art chores for the project.
But man... have the spine to tell me if you fucking agree with the prez's feedback and stop playing messenger, dammit... you're the goddamn chairman... i took on the project from you knowing i was going to take orders from your sorry ass, then at least give me the goddamn order.
But here's the "piss-point"... be fucking reasonable about your expectations on the fucking order you do end up giving me and my sorry graphic designing ass...
You call me up in the middle of the day, telling me you need to have the newspaper ads with you before noon of the next day. You said you were going to email me the sponsor logos soon.
12 fucking midnight is not "soon," loser.
When you email someone what he needs to finish your project at 12 fucking midnight, you do NOT ask if it's possible to get the shit before noon, dammit. Not if I have a fucking day job. Hell, i have TWO fucking day jobs...
You may ask nicely, but you do not ask reasonably.
Learn, kiddo...

'catch you later.

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