Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing: 090110

The title of this post says it all this is nothing if nothing means being half-wasted on a couple of things one usually enjoys on stoner weekends past tense enjoyed way way waaaaaaaaaaay back in college when our biggest concern was making sure we had that extra P50 to put in a few drops of gas just enough to get home and back out to school but i digress hey i copied that from one of all-time favorite writer mister peeeeeeeeeeeeter david cheers pete but hey life goes on, you stand where you do and choose to not bend your knees and submit yourself to fate which is usually predicted by some crazy-ass statistics put together by a bunch of nerds who are desperately having trouble looking for a fucking social life that they reduce mankind to a series of numbers with probabilities i have a little appointment tomorrow and i really need to conk out i find myself wondering if i should wake her up so she can see me like this but no maybe not catch you later

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