Monday, October 25, 2010

Maverick Musings... (After Halloween)

So even before all the Halloween squashes and pumpkins decompose enough to be considered compost, i sit here thinking of things i’ve learned and gathered over the course of a rather eventful 2010 regarding Maverick...

Maverick is totally gaining steam. Whoopee. Seriously. You know how big companies and bigger egos often like being addressed as acronyms? Well, this year saw Maverick working with at least a couple of HUGE acronyms. There are at least two easily recognizable three-letter acronyms that spell “B.I.G.” who got the “Maverick Experience.” One is BDO, and the other is LBC. More to come. And hopefully, even more to come back.

In business, staying alive long enough to get your stride back is priceless. But you need to love your business and what you do to make you want to keep it alive even in zombie mode.

So yes, i'm getting that off my chest: Maverick was a zombie for quite some time. But no more. We're alive and kicking ass like we haven't done in a long time.

'nuff said.

'catch you later.

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