Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday (102410):

October 24, 2010 – i feel tired but excited, bored and worn out but eager, lonely but almost peaceful, content but not quite, passably happy but not really “completely” happy. But definitely can’t complain.

Thursday before the break of dawn,
at a cold, lonely bus terminal
All in a day’s work of being alive, isn’t it?

In and out of sleep since six in the a.m. But for a good reason i can’t discuss out here. And no, it sadly isn't about sex. Slightly groggy, but alert at the counter (sort of). Riding back to the big city tonight. Short stint in the store will have consequences, i think. Or maybe not... but a comfortable level of reasonable affluence always has a price. Especially when it’s connected to a family business. But i’m looking ahead, without forgetting to look back.

Maverick will get more Maverick.

That can be interpreted in at least three different ways. It can mean that i, the Maverick (as many refer to me), will get more time with Maverick the office. It can also mean that Maverick the office will get more of me sooner than usual. And it can also mean that i, the supposed Maverick will get more “maverick.” But wait, the above sentence/paragraph does not have the second “maverick” capitalized. So the third interpretation does not apply.
little corner of the living room Malou
and i use as our internet cafe. Empty.

And yes, i am bored.

First time in a year i’m up here without the wifey, Marge and the doggies. Feels a bit colder. Due to both the weather, as well as the lack of warm bodies (human or canine) running amok in the empty living room. And cold inside, too, you know...?

Sad, but not really. Am waiting for a few things i need to bring to the country club. Lunch time soon. Not excited, but not objecting. Just... nothing.

‘catch you later.

cold, foggy morning up in the mountains

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