Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting for a serve...

my currently favorite drink,
Russian Standard Vodka
I drink just enough to get me drowsy. Not enough to make me stupid, or to make my heart palpitate like it did the last time.

Just enough. Not much.

So here we were. It seemed like a long enough time to let half the world pass us by. But no. No time is ever enough until someone lets go. But when forgiveness is the only option left, everything becomes one-sided. Right now, it feels sort of like playing ping pong (i would have said tennis, but i never played tennis, so it might seem too pretentious), and the difference is that i’m left on the other side just waiting for the serve.

And when i’m lucky enough for the serve to come, i lose because the wind blew the ball. Then i wait for the serve again.

So here i am swinging my racket at the air...

‘catch you later.

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