Thursday, January 03, 2008

the gathering...

Sooo... it's officially 2008.

Maverick has regrouped after what seems to have a rather tumultous year since 2007 was the time we lost practically the last vestiges of Maverick Version 2.0.

Did we feel bad? Sad? Deserted? Rejected?

No. Yes. No. No.

At some point, we had to find that point wherein we were reminded that through all the laughter, the fun, and the... uh... fun. Maverick was and still is a business. A viable one at that.

But Maverick Version 3.0 was a dismal failure. We are now developing Version 2.5.

With the fresh blood we've gathered and possibly an old one coming in, Version 2.5 just might work...

I am still deciding whether or not to get my fat ass off leaning on the huge wall provided by my family.

I most likely will. Now it's time to build my own fucking wall. Brick by fucking brick.

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