Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Delayed Movie Review: EAT PRAY LOVE (PIG-OUT, THINK, FUCK)

Julia Roberts’ character finds herself in a mid-life crisis, then proceeds to travel across the world “in search of herself.” She proceeds to PIG-OUT on pasta in Italy, MEDITATE her brains to oatmeal in India, and FUCK her brains out with a guy who almost killed her in Indonesia.

A lady who finds herself broke blows off what’s left of her money by travelling around the globe and reminding the movie-going public why the rest of the world sees white people as too indulgent. I mean, flying to Italy for a taste of dolce vita is all good, but is India the only place where one finds God? Does God hate deodorant or something? And just because Indonesia is overpopulated (just like most other Southeast Asian countries), doesn’t necessarily mean people there are hornier. Word of advice for people who want to "find themselves," is for them to look in a mirror.

Not really a REALLY bad movie, save for the occasional heavy-handedness. And the male co-stars at every turn in Roberts’ globe-spanning do a good job of playing off the almost-neurotic character played by Roberts. And so the book’s movie potential really lies in the perfect formula of female introspection, exotic locales, and getting Julia Roberts to play the lead character.

Of course, the ultimate indecisive psychosis of the biographical Elizabeth Gilbert character can really be fixed by another set of three words: PSYCHO ANALYTIC THERAPY

'catch you later.

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