Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movie Review: The Other Guys (I Got Dumber, But Laughed My Dying Brains Out)

There’s something about knowing Will Ferrell’s going to be in a movie that makes one want to switch off one’s brain to avoid any further damage.

But one would want to go see it nonetheless.

And having Marky Mark... Oops, Mark WAHLBERG, Samuel L. Jackson and the Rock... oops, I mean, DWAYNE JOHNSON, and Michael Keaton all along for the ride almost makes one just want to come jump into the boys’ party.

“The Other Guys” is set up like another stereotypical mismatched cops buddy movie, and that’s what it unabashedly is. It has no pretentions of becoming anything else other than a mindless attempt at getting you mindless. But it’s obvious that the cast is having fun, and it shines through from Ferrell’s standard-issue self-deprecation, to Wahlberg’s deadpan pseudo-seriousness.

Imagine the writing session on this one: “Boys, screw the plot, and come up with a series of ‘where the fuck did THAT come froms?’”

Yes, i loved it.

‘catch you later.


Carlo Balingit said...

When trying to take some time out from the real world. "Not thinking" is a good thing. A deep engaging plot is a good thing, popcorn filled laughter is better.

touche' bra!

Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

laughter is indeed better, bro... cheers!