Monday, November 08, 2010

TV Review: $#*! My Dad Says (Shat should stop this $#*!)

For those of you out there who love quality TV (an oxymoron), you may not have stumbled upon this little new show with a Milky Way-sized star in the person of William Shatner. The show's called "$#*! MY DAD SAYS," and it's based on one guy's Twitter posts (and eventually book) of his old man's quotables.!/shitmydadsays

Heard about the show via my built-in Star Trek Radar and immediately went about downloading and watching it since i am a devoted Shatnerite. Man... Somebody bring "Boston Legal" back... please. Or take this show out of censored network television and into uncensored cable where it will truly belong.

My dear friend Scott Kelly from Minnesota mentioned the show to me via a Facebook message, and i replied with this:

"I've seen a couple of episodes, bro... honestly disappointed... i found it a bit sleepy... and sadly, without the profanity of the twitter posts, the lines don't have the same impact.
Shatner may be able to save the universe, my friend... but i don't think he'll save this show.
How did you like it? "
Sorry, Shat.  'Nuff said.
'catch you later.

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