Monday, November 22, 2010

Pilipinas Kay Ganda... sana.

Last week saw almost the entire online community in a righteous uproar about Secretary of Tourism Bertie Lim’s relaunch of the country’s international tourism campaign which (as of this writing) was called “Pilipinas Kay Ganda.”

I don’t think i can say anything that hasn’t been said about the campaign’s very shaky beginnings. But on a related note, i did post a comment on Anton Diaz’s popular blog, “Our Awesome Planet.” And just for the heck of it, here’s that post:

“Greetings, Anton!
i think the new tourism campaign does nothing more than act like a poor, watered down sequel to the rather successful "wow philippines" campaign.
i wasnt there at the launch. But offhand, as a patron of local tourism spots, i believe the government should reduce expenses in marketing at the onset and redirect funds in improving facilities and security in already world-renowned tourism spots (too many to mention).
While we have many, many privately-owned resorts, the respective local governments of these provinces should be given more support to manage aspects like waste disposal and management, environmental conservation, heavier sanctions on pollution level violators, and so on.
Tourism campaigns launched by our government seldom say anything new about us. People who hop around our islands (locals included) always share the same sentiments whichever of the 7,000 islands we visit: 'ang ganda, sayang at di inaalagaan...'['so beautiful, such a waste we don't take care of it...'].
The new campaign is another blatant display of the government not putting money where it is really needed.”

Hope someone who can do something about this runs into this little rant.
‘catch you later.

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