Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Canine Mafia in our House, Part 1 (The Epileptic Cat)

Meet Chiqui. He's a yellow cat. He's epileptic. He has seizures, shits and pisses while he does. Seems to be in a ton of pain, but eats like there's no tomorrow. In his case, you're never sure about tomorrow anyway.

Meet Jennifer. She's a toy poodle. She's really cute and knows how to use it. But both literally and figuratively, she's a bitch. Jennifer's the reason Chiqui is an epileptic.

See, Chiqui was a nice healthy cat who just slinked into the house one quiet weekend. He was absolutely inoffensive. Looked healthy and clean, and he looked like he felt right at home.

And then Jennifer saw him.

Jennifer (in the photo) knows that she's one of the most adorable things on the goddamned planet, and that we love her to pieces. This is probably why she is what she is. But long ago, she was just playful. very playful.

So playful she practically turned that poor little kitten into her own personal soccer ball. We thought it was okay. Until one day not too long after, Chiqui started to have seizures. The vets and we are thinking that his brain got royally rocked and thus, led to his epilepsy.

(to be continued...)

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