Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the wager...

yesterday i got into a wager.
a wager i put upon myself after mike's comments about how unwittingly insulting i can be. (who's mike? he's one of the few people i really trust in that now-quiet zoo i call an office...).
i wagered that i can resist making an insult to anyone who works there. should i make an insult of any sort, i am fated to buy pizza for the crowd.
it was sad how many noted that me without my insults seemed so... UN-ME.
i suppose i got into it to try and see if there really was some other relatively interesting manifestation of me apart from the guy who spat out sarcastic comments and (occasionally) funny insults at those around him. yesterday, i was mostly quiet...
today, i found another facet i can exploit and still have some fun with my life... i found that i had fun exploiting my own conceit.
damn, i'm good.

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