Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas and the Dying of Mother Earth

Mother Earth dies a lot more on Christmas time...

Don't believe me? Just try and imagine how much paper we waste this time of year. Imagine all that fucking paper wrapped around that gift, ripped out by the gifts' recipients in a matter of seconds to add to the great dumpster that Mother Earth has become... don't get me started on the felled trees...
Let's take it one step further, people...
Christmas time encourages a waste of money. A lot of money is thrown around without care in the form of unwanted gifts.

Gift-giving is actually more of masturbation than trying to make people happy. More often than not, people give gifts because they do not wish to disappoint, and to feel better about themselves. I going general here, not specific.

Corporations spend gazillions on corporate gifts each year. more than half of which are crap. They usually just pick out the ones that fit their budget and are probably the least embarrassing among their options.

i must admit. i'm sometimes one of them. okay, most of the time. But hey, i'm in advertising.

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