Monday, December 24, 2007

Unfortunate Events (#2659)

One of the cats pissed on my laptop.
my shiny brand new 17" hewlett packard with the altec lansing speakers laptop.
pissed on the lcd inverter and now my beloved machine is blind like a bat.
i have it attached to an old monitor while i pray for deliverance in the form of a new inverter that i will have to wait until after christmas to order, because the hp offices are closed.
i have a good bet on which cat it is.
it's the one that has hated me for a while now.
and i will keep kicking his ass until i get my new inverter.
it's almost funny somehow.
i mean, imagine the conversation:
"Hey, what's wrong with your new laptop?"
"Uhm, LCD ain't working."
"It's new, right? Take it to HP for a warranty check... oh, wait... why'd you rip the face plate off??!? That voids the warranty!"
"Can't get no warranty. It was bought in the States without the warranty on the price I bought it for."
"Yeah, but they still cover those things. The machine's new."
"Uhm... feline error."
"Excuse me?"
"Uhm... catpissedonthething..."
"I said... Cat. Pissed. On. The. Thing..."
"Right. Kidding..."
"No kidding..."

And then there's the part where I burst into tears...

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